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Collecting: Planning Ahead

With a fairly clear idea of what your plot and message are going to be, you are ready to start collecting details. To help you get going and keep you on track, you should consider using some form of “collection sheet” or prewriting checklist. Probably the easiest way is to simply make a list of all the elements that go into a good play. Then fill in your list with as many details as you can. Actually writing down each part of your play can help you see the overall picture and figure out what still needs to be done.

Sample Collection Sheet

Main character #1:

(List everything you feel is important for your audience to know about this character: name, age, occupation, personality traits, his or her place or role in the play, personal motives, etc.)

Main character #2:

(same as above)

Other characters:

(List the role or relationship each character has to the others in the play, along with any other important information.)
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