One State-Many Nations

Western Reserve Public Media


Playwriting Checklist

1. Characters:

Our play has

_____ described at least three traits of each character

_____ used a variety of descriptive words to depict all of the characters

2. Setting:

Our play has

_____ described the time and place of the play

_____ used props or background ideas to indicate the setting and create interest (fact-finding research)

3. Plot:

Our play has

_____ followed a reasonable sequence of events

_____ included at least one problem and its solution

_____ included a surprising or unique event

4. Ending:

Our play has

_____ developed the storyline to an interesting and reasonable conclusion

_____ concluded story details so that all events make sense and are complete

5. Stage directions:

Our play has

_____ included clearly understood and sensible movements of the actors

_____ included enough action so that it is interesting to the audience

6. Ohio Native Americans:

Our play has

_____ shown that we understand what it was like to live as an early Ohio Native American
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