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Get Your Children "Ready to Learn"

At Western Reserve Public Media, we know that television can be a wonderful tool for learning. We also believe that, for young, impressionable viewers, all television is educational — like you, we're just not sure we want youngsters to learn from everything they watch.

We're proud of Western Reserve Public Media's history of award-winning, non-violent, commercial-free programming for children. The time children spend watching our children's programs is time spent learning. Wouldn't it be wonderful to extend the learning after the program is over? When children take positive ideas from programs and pursue them beyond the TV set, public television has done its job.

High-quality programs for children, like the ones you see on Western Reserve PBS, can have a positive impact on your children — on their behavior, thinking and language skills. Yet, even the best children's television requires your participation to help children understand and grow with the programs they watch.


What does being "Ready to Learn" mean?

Being Ready to Learn means that a child has gained all kinds of experiences, behavior skills and thinking strategies to meet the demands of school. When a child can make connections between old and new experiences, work well in a group or solve a new problem all by herself, that child is very likely to know success in school. That child is Ready to Learn. Children who are Ready to Learn have the resources and skills to get the most out of school and out of life.

Television can't — and shouldn't — do that alone, but it can be a positive tool for learning. Western Reserve Public Media's Ready to Learn Service is designed not only to deliver to children the best in quality educational television programming, but also to help parents, teachers and other childcare professionals use television more effectively.

Our children's programs are an excellent starting point for the pursuit of learning. We're The Ones to Grow On, seeding the excitement and enthusiasm your children need to start getting ready to learn.


Western Reserve Public Media's Ready to Learn Service is ...

  • A daily line-up of PBS's children's programming, specially designed to meet the needs of preschool and school-aged children.

  • Educational messages between programs that urge children to be creative, curious, cooperative and responsible learners.

  • Supplementary educational materials for children and adults, such as media literacy guides.

  • Station-sponsored events and seminars for families and staff development for daycare providers. 

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